Reminder Pro is a simple, yet flexible reminders app

Stay on track with reminders, and turn your push notification area into a dynamic todo list.

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Unlimited Reminders

Stay on track with reminders - Colorful, customizable, flexilble

Local Notifications

Customize your reminders with numerous one-shot, daily and weekly notifications

Simple Experience

Quickly create and configure reminders and notifications


Form good habits with daily and weekly reminders


Stay positive with reinforcing affirmations, regularly

Drink Water

Never forget to drink enough water during the day

Our Story

Using systems, not goals

When you focus on a specific goal, you can become exhausted, especially if the effort is prolonged. A system is a set of actions you perform repeatedly that improve your state and moves you forward. Simple systems include reading books and articles regularly, training regularly, approaching new clients each day, etc…


Small contributions count and adds up! You don’t need to read a whole book in 2 days, you don’t need to lose 15kg in 2 months. This exerts too much strain and you risk abandoning your goal. If you train for 15 minutes each day, one day you’ll be lean and fit. If you read for 15 minutes each day, you’ll finish that book, and others as well. Just keep doing it over and over again.

Your Life Style

Figure out what fits in your life-style, and integrate systems that you can implement easily. Don’t think in terms of days or weeks, think in terms months and years. Master the long haul.

Using reminders

Your effort should be chunked to daily and weekly actions. A reminders app is the simplest, most efficient and least intrusive tool, that you can use for implementing systems that fits your life-style.

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